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tv   Mornings on 2  FOX  July 18, 2011 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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a driver struck a fence in west oakland. we'll have more about the police chase that ensued. a crime caught on tape. a pet storeowner says money is not the only issue in this case. and a man discovers that his long-lost brother was not
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lost at all. good morning. welcome to "mornings on 2." i'm kraig debro. >> i'm tori damage be. it's monday, july 18th -- tori campbell. it's monday, july 18th. police are investigating a dadly shooting. a man and a woman were killed. a third man was critically wounded. that was one of two shootings in richmond. paul chambers has more. >> reporter: good morning. richmond police there's a a feud going on between north richmond and south richmond. police say the first shooting happened at about 10:15 in the 400 block of business olavenue -- business olavenue. olavenue-- biss -- biss. l avenue. police took a third female to
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the hospital where she is expecting to survive. they are connecting this homicide to a shooting that happened at 9:45 in the 200 block of gertrude avenue earlier in the evening. that's where police found a 23- year-old man who had been shot. he was taken to the hospital with injuries that are not considered life-threatening. police believe these are related. >> because of the proximity of the crimes and we've had problems between north richmond and south richmond and the feud they are involved in. >> reporter: police believe those two shootings that happened last night may be connected to the shootings in the last week. we'll stay on top of this and bring you the latest. as of right now, police don't have any motives or suspects. paul chambers, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you, paul. relatives after 72-year-old
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santa rosa woman are asking for the public's help in finding her. she lives at the verana if fountain grove senior complex with her husband. she took her wallet and the car but left her purse, cell phone and a little dog she adores behind. her family says she's been struggling with depression. she's a driving a four-tower white 2007 lexus -- four-door white 2007 lexus. jade hernandez is live this morning in oakland with more information on an accident and the damage. >> reporter: it appears the driver lost control at 36th and west. you can see the skid marks right into this mangled fence right here. we're live at 580. we can show you what the driver struck. you can see this fence in front of this apartment building. let's take a look at.
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the man was captured this morning. i just spoke to a neighbor who said a neighbor slammed into the fence and as soon as police arrived took off. it does not appear anyone else was in the car at the time of the crash. i want to bring you out here live here. there's no damage to this building. the suspect's car was already gone. as we mentioned, we showed you that the suspect was wheeled into an ambulance. we don't note extent of his injuries. but not much left of this fence in west oakland. jade hernandez, ktvu channel 2 news. 7:04. three people have been hurt in an overnight shooting in san jose. it happened shortly before midnight on jeanne avenue near the downtown area. investigators say the victims are two adults and one teenager. the extent of their injuries is still not known. so far there have been
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knowests. police are expected to release more information later this morning. two teenagers who are accused of starting a fire that destroyed san jose's tase elementary school. the july 2010 fire caused millions of cars in damage. teens are 16 and 17 -- of dollars in damage. the teens are 16 and 17 years old. if convicted, he they could face ten years to live in prison -- to life in prison. a theft happened at exotic pets in lodi last weekend. and the cameras caught women stuffing three expensive reptiles in their purses while a teenaged girl distracted the store staffers. they collected -- they selected the more expensive ones, totaling $700. >> she grabbed it. and she stuffed it in her
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purse. picked it up. puts it in her husband and this one here, she -- purse and this one here she walked out. >> the owner is angry because he doesn't believe the thieves know how to properly care for those animals the women face burglary and peculiar senny if and when they -- larceny if and when they are caught. open enrollment started at 6:00 this morning on the internet. with the budget cuts, 11% of classes were cut. and "the press democrat" is reporting that 20% of the remaining classes are full already by returning students who had priority enrollment. 6:07. let's go to tara. there is a sig-alert there.
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that's not good no. >> its on westbound 80 on highway 4. an ambulance is on the way and this does promise to affect the morning commute. we will definitely keep you posted. right now we'll take a look at highway 24 through la fayette. you can see traffic westbound as you make your way through the caldecott tunnel. if we take an over -- overview, we have an accident at 880 southbound. traffic has been moved to the shoulder. at the bay bridge toll plaza it's been gridlock since a little after 6:00 this morning. picking up just slightly right now. we still have the metering lights. 7:07. here's steve. very happy monday morning to you all. another cool weekend and it looks like the fog weekend, this upcoming one might be
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warmer. mostly sunny for us. mild, a little breeze. low pressure still in the pacific northwest. northern california. that will keep a cap on things. by the end of the week, maybe patchy fog by warmer inland temperatures. the 90s are calling again. we'll see if they continue. this system right there producing a line of rain from redding to mendocino county. what in the sam hill is going none well, a low. a couple of in the portland area. closer to town about 55. look at that, from fort bragg up to leggett in northern mendocino county, all associated with this guy right there. as long as it's there.
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our, our temperatures -- as long as it's there, our temperatures they can't do anything. by the end of the week, the low should eject out of here. some patchy fog on the marin coast. gradual warming is expected by the end of the week. i'm gonna ease into this because it's been so close for so long. afternoon highs, coming up slightly. it's a rare occasion when you see some locations like st. helena and clearlake. pittsburg, antioch, danville, pleasanton, 78. berkeley, 6. low 80s. 76 woodside, puerto low valley, probably atherton. belmont will be close. 60s on the coast. mid- to upper 60s in san
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francisco. a north carolina woman whose wedding was put on hold last year after an accident paralyzed her is getting married this week. she will exchange vows with chris chapman on friday. the couple was supposed to mary last year but that was delayed after she was pushed into a pool during her bachelorette party, having her land strangely and paralyzing her from the waist down. jim parsons hired a private investigator to find his brother and was surprised to hear the results. >> she says, this is gonna be a shock. he on lip lives 20 -- only lives 20 minutes from you. i said what? she said, he lives in powell. i mean, this can't be.
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>> i'm still in shock. i mine, i have no idea yet how i'm supposed to act as a brother so i will catch onto it. but -- before too long. even more surprising, they both went to the same church and even had their picture taken sitting next to each other. consumer watchdog leader, president obama has decided who will head the new watchdog agency created after the 2008 financial crisis. it's not the woman who came up with the idea. former new york city mayor rudy giuliani issues a warning to his own party about why they should stay out of it people's bedrooms.
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good morning. only patchy fog. temperatures will be a little bit warmer inland. there are some areas of clouds to the north and even some rain up in mendocino county. so temperatures, 70s, a few low 80s. a lot of 60s closer to the coast. we're now getting word that some republican presidential candidates are expected to tee bait each other this week, taking -- debate each other this week, taking questions on twitter. the website says the candidate also answer questions tweeted to at 140 hall. and former new york city mayor mayor, rudy giuliani, says the americans should get
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over the same-sex marriage and get out of people's bedrooms. he believes would be much better if they focused on the matter at hand. 7:14. the contentious standoff in washington, d.c. over how to deal with the federal debt limit moved to the house and senator in this week. -- senate floor this week. >> reporter: there's nothing on president obama's about new debt talks. so we turn our attention where house republicans are pushing ahead with a vote on what any are calling the cut, cap, and balance bill. now, this legislation would require both houses of congress pass a constitutional amendment to balance the budget, raise
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the debt ceiling and cap sending. it's a bill driven by conservatives that will come up for a boat -- it will come up for a vote. >> the real deal, to limit spending and get us in balance would be a mimic to our constitution. >> reporter: now, work is also continuing in the u.s. senate between harry reid and mitch mcconnell on what's being didded the -- being considered the fallback program. the details in that deal are -- the details in that deal are expected to be released this week. back to you. >> thank you. after-school daycare and summer youth activities in bay point could soon see some major changes. "the contra costa times"
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reports the board voted to move those services to the mount diablo school district. the board says only concentrating on parks will help save money. today, officials in san rafael are considering bringing baseball to the city. the city council will debate a plan to bring a minor league team to san rafael. supporters say a pro team will generate up to $12,000 a year for the city. it opponents are worried about alcohol consumption and increased traffic. three nato troops were killed in if eastern afghanistan today. nato has not identified the nationality of the troops killed. and there are conflicting reports on the medical health
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of moammar gadhafi. he's scheduled to stand trial in august. his attorney says says mubarak is in the -- his attorney says mubarak is in a coma. later this morning, president obama will announce his nomination to headed -- to head the consumer financial watchdog agency created in the wake of the 2008 finance am crisis. in an announcement at the white house, the president will nominate richard kodra -- kordray -- cordray for the john. he's likely to run into oppositions from republicans. there were terrifying moments for a crowd attending a "cheap trick" concert.
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gael-force winds caused the stage to collapse. at least five people standing below the stage were hurt. one seriously. this morning, cheap trick posted a message on the facebook page says the band and road are fine and are hoping for a speedy recovery for fans. a typhoon is on a collision course with japan.
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the atlantic ocean a second tropical storm of the season is heading to the bahamas this morning. right now, tropical storm brett
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is about 100 miles northwest of great abaco island. it's moving north-northeast. it has sustained winds of 140 miles an however. forecasters do not expect it to hit anywhere in the u.s. another storm headed to japan. the japan meteorological agency says the very strong storm is likely to hit just south of fukushima tomorrow. workers at the nuclear power plant are trying to build a new roof over the building that houses one of the damaged nuclear reactors. another celebrity is getting an invitation to a marine corps ball. >> betty white. she's just funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's an all-around perfect woman. >> that is sergeant ray lewis inviting betty white to be his date for the marine corps ball.
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she's not responded wet. justin timberlake says attend eck the ball was one of his ways of honoring his country. >> wonderful. 7:22. let's check in with tara a busy monday morning. now you are telling us about an accident in the south bay. >> nasa right. we have a jackknifeed big prig -- that's right we have a jackknifed big rig. the fire department is actually unloading the contents and putting it into another it truck so it won't spoil. you can see the congestion as a result, if we could pan off to the right there. we can see that people are slowing down. they are stopping to take a look. so it's causing some congestion in the morgan hill area. all right. let's head to pleasanton right now. this is over interstate 680 where we have metering lights
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doing a test-run. this is between pleasanton and dublin. right now, the lights are all green. and this is to get folks used to the fact about the lights. here's a six-car crash. look at this backup. this is on 0 westbound at highway 4. a tow truck is on the scene but you can see the damage has been done. the backup is pretty extensive. this will probably last for at least the last half-hour or so. if i were you, i would try to avoid 80 westbound. on this monday, patchy fog at bast f there's not a lot out there. there's rain falling to fort bragg. that system will prevent us
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from warming up too one. 50s for almost everybody. mountain view says 60. santa rosa, 52. san rafael, 54. napa, 54. another low spinning. the mere fact that it makes it this -- makes it this far south this time of year is really impressive. sunny for most, fair. 60s, 70s or a few low 80s. moving farther south, farther south, the clouds are there. i think they will stay in the forecast, tuesday, wednesday. there are signs that high pressure will build back in. we'll see inland temperatures warming up to normal or maybe even slightly above. a new rule creates a housing crunch at one bay area city. new details on a san francisco police shooting.
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new twists in the tiger woods' divorce. who one of his mistresses is doing tiger paid her in a a settlement -- a settlement and her connection to elib nordegren's -- elin nordegren's boyfriend. so i took up hang gliding.
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a protest will take place today at noon in san francisco after police shot and killed 19-
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year-old kenneth harding over the weekend. investigators say he shot at officers after a foot chase. christien kafton is live in the bayview district where a memorial now stands. >> reporter: yeah. we'll have new details about that protest set to happen at noon. but first we want to start off and tell you that san francisco police are still looking for information about this officer- involved shooting. you can see the memorial you were talking about a moment ago is still growing out here in the bayview. that memorial there marks the spot where police shot and killed 19-year-old kenneth harding. now, overnight, ktvu learned that harding was wanted in washington state in connection with the murder of 19-year-old tenai gilbert. she was shot and killed last wednesday in south seattle. she others were injured. it was initially reported that gilbert was pregnant but now the coroner's office says she was not. police say harding is the man
7:30 am
on the ground in this youtube video forwarded to ktvu over the weekend. san francisco police say they shot and killed harding when he took off after officers tried to stop him on the muni program t -- program. he ran away. yesterday i spoke with the police chief and he said the dropped gun was found. >> whoever posted the youtube video really did post about the weaponing being made off at the scene. >> reporter: some of those folks are the very people telling me they still may have questions about the shooting. there may be a rally noon in this plaza where people will be demanding answers from san francisco police. and they say they will be demanding the creation of a civilian review board.
7:31 am
we can tell you that this investigation is still ongoing. san francisco police are conferring and police to see how the homicide there is connected with the officer- involved shooting here. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. this moving -- this morning, oakland police are investigating two incidents. the first happened around 4:30 saturday afternoon near 57th and los angeles police. police say the victim they found there apparently died of injuries during a robbery no. word on the victim's identity or how he died but it's being investigated as a possible homicide. later saturday night, a man was found shot inside a vehicle near 19th and west streets. police responded to the area after worsts of -- reports of gunfire. donald robinson was taken fot hospital and pronounced dead. witnesses say a lone gunman was responsible for the shooting. no arrests have been made.
7:32 am
the investigation continues into the shooting that killed john caldwell, the best friend of the late oscar grant. this happened saturday night in hayward. someone shot caldwell while he was sitting sitting in a cadillac. he will be bushried next to oscar grant. the two friends were at the fruitvale district when grant died in the shooting. the family of michelle le has led another search for the miss -- for the missing student but with no results. more than 100 volunteers combed the hills. some searchers came as far away as florida. she was last seen on may 27th at kaiser hospital in hayward. police are investigating the case as a homicide but her homicide is refusing to give un- - to give up hope.
7:33 am
last week prosecutors dropped charges against martian in the baggy pants incident. the ncaa notes u.s. airways -- recently allowedded a cross- dresser to fly without any objections. about 250 running students found out there's not enough dorm space to accommodate them because of the number of fresh men coming in and the new rule requiring them to stay into cam -- stay on campus if they live less than 35 miles. prime minister david cameron is calling for an
7:34 am
emergency session of parliament on the phone-hacking scandal. coming up at 7:45, we'll have the latest. the number of carpoolers in the bay area is on the decline. a large drop was seen especially in the south bay. according to the most recent census data, carpooling from 14% to just over 10% in the past 30 years. parts of interstate 680 now have metering lights. as we showed you the live earlier, the lights were activated on the southbound onramps between pleasanton and milpitas. transportation officials hope the lights will reduce congestion during the busy
7:35 am
morning commute. the lights will be green this week just to warn the drivers of the change and they will go into it regular operation on monday. i unfortunately got a chance to stam pell that morning commute. i was off work and had to drive to the south bay. really heavy traffic. it looks like we still have a backup that's not yet worked itself out. >> that's right. that big rig is still jackknifed. it's causing some problems. i was just talking to the chapper. there we go. this is 101 northbound where you can see the semi, it's actually in the embankment. fares are unloading the cons tents and transferring it to another truck so it doesn't spoil. it will take crews a while to get this out of here. look how far back this goes. causing major problems through
7:36 am
morgan hill. so be prepared for that. and maybe if you need to call the boss and let him know you are gonna be late. the accident at highway 4 has been cleared. but if you check it out, you can seat backup there, major regular -- major red. so hopefully this will get better over the next half-hour. and traffic is a little slow on the bottom portion of your screen. on the right hand side, clear tailing to the airport. here's steve. thank you. patricia up in petaluma said the sun is out t it's not that gloom from yesterday. yeah, it's been sunny up by the sierra nevada.
7:37 am
that wind is not going anywhere. drawer your attention to the system there. oregon border/northern sacramento valley. mendocino county, lake kook, possibility of some rain. should stay up there. higher clouds might drift towards sonoma later on. the fog is offshore. it's starting to get bumped along. even though we're mostly fog- free there could be fog flirting with the coast. this system will kind everything held in check. once that ejects out of here which should probably be out of here tomorrow, we might be able to see a rebound on the
7:38 am
temperatures. but some patchy fog, but continued below average on the temperatures. that's mainly inland. coastal locations have warmed up to the average. by the end of the week, some gradual warming, some gradual warming wants to come back in. kent field, 74. mid-70s for many especially around castro valley. very comfortable here
7:39 am
steve, but boy, heat wave in the midwest t shows no signs of ending. at targetfield in minneapolis, free water stations were set up to help baseball fans stay cool. excessive heat warnings are in effect for two dozen states. oklahoma city could see the 27th straight day of triple- digit temperatures. the extreme heat will move to the east, to the east coast by week's end. one of tiger woods' alleged mistresses has been told to return money if keep quiet. they weren't happy about her going on the show "celebrity rehab." gloria allred urged her to return the money and is planning to file a legal
7:40 am
malpractice suit against if allred. there may be a link between elin another debren -- elin eelin. will hiring go up or down for the second half of this year? what a new survey says. and what happens to an angry passengers accused of giving a tsa her own version of a pat-down.
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stocks, lower. europe's banking troubles and is helping drag down stock markets both here and in the u.s. as well as asia and europe. the dow is down 1%. the nasdaq is down 30. s&p is down 11. economists who work for private businesses believe hiring will pick up before the end of the year. 43% say the companies are likely to add workers in the next six months. that's up 3% from the last survey done in april. labor officials say california loses $7 billion a year when employers around the state don't pay low income workers for the hours they are on the job. the state treasury loses income tax revenue and the workers
7:44 am
cannot spend money they do not believe. so the local bizs say the workers are not paid overtime, not allowed to take brakes and -- breaks and sometimes don't receive minimum wayne. there are reports that books a million could buy some books. that is if no one else come forward by tomorrow night. fallout continues over the phone hacking incident. the prime minister is calling for more -- amy, this scandal appears to be going all the way to the top. >> it really does, claudine.
7:45 am
>> the latest casualty, the commissioner at scotland yard has just resigned. we've seen prime minister david cameron really having to defend himself time time and again over his -- time and time again over the man whooped to be eddie ter of" the news of the world "himself and was arrested early on in all of this. and the top cop resigned at the scotland yard. sir paul stevenson claimed he did nothing wrong but they are reeling from accusations that the police officers accepted brides -- bribes somewhere totaling around $200,000. rebecca brooks out on bail
7:46 am
today, arrested yesterday when she went to see police by appointment and ended up under arrest. questioned for over nine hours on sunday. now her lawyer is saying that she's not only completely innocent but police have questions about serious questions on suspicion of phone hacking and bribery. she's not been charged. >> for my part, what i would say is this -- we've taken very decisive action. we've helped to ensure a large and properly resourced police investigation that can get to the ba tom of what happened and the -- bottom of what happened hand the wrongdoing -- of what
7:47 am
happened. the wrongdoing -- >> we're now hearing about in other resignation. >> right. yesterday we had the top cop and this morning, the assistant police commissioner resigned. and it's complicated. "news of the world" was a big tabloid here run by rupert murdoch's empire last sunday. the police are accused of a couple of things, it's not the top guys nasa you will but they are 0 -- necessarily but they are falling on top swords. they may have taken consider bribes from the paper for information. they hired someone who was accused of phone hacking, they hired him as a pr sometime ago f and many years ago, that he was an investigation in 2009
7:48 am
that was more or less clop -- concluded that police are under fire because it was considered that they didn't go far enough. when if came to murder victims, family victims, then there was a much more heated response and a lot more outrage here. that's what we're talking about now and tomorrow rupert murdoch, who was arrested yesterday, will sit in front. parliament and answer questions about what any knew about phone harking and payments -- >> as this grows, what's being done in regards to damage control? can they get their arms around this. >> well, in terms of news corporation, rupert murdoch has
7:49 am
been issuing apologies, full- page ads in all of the national newspapers here saying, that we're sorry for any wrongdoing. we vow to get it right. we vow to go over those who did these wrong dieds -- deeds. no one can heed. there's no excuses. you will keep hearing from us and setting up a plan of measures that they want to take for their own and murdoch apologized to the family of this murdered's school girl whose phone was allegedly hacked on friday and then in terms of the government trying to make amends here, david camny ron, the prime minister -- cameron, the prime minister has asked parly minute to come up for -- parly minute to stick around for another day. politicians are under fire for
7:50 am
being too cozy with all of these media moguls and not just as news corporation but generally speaking, being too close to the media, too friendly. and -- and not having -- having enough objectivity. >> right. we're out of time. we'll continue to follow this. back to you. >> thank you. a colorado woman is facing a sexual assault charge after giving a tsa agent her own version of a pat-down. it happened thursday at sky harbor international in phoenix. police say 61-year-old yukari miyamae refused to go through a screaming. that started an argument. the tsa says she then grabbed an agent's breast with both hands and started twisting. >> obviousfully she doesn't like tas -- tsa. maybe it was before this airport that she's getting back at someone else. >> yukari miyamae spent one night in jail but if
7:51 am
conditioned -- but if convicted, she might have to register as a sex offender. ten minutes before 8:00. a baby mixup at an australian hospital. the eight-hour mistake caught by an alert temperature family -- alert family member. ♪
7:52 am
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carry on. (announcer) 28 delicious flavors at around 100 calories each. this was the first time the team appeared in a final of any major soccer tournament. [ cheers ] >> the u.s. scored go-ahead goals twice in the second half of the title match t both times japan caught up and that sent the game to extra time and then penalty kicks. the u.s. players just couldn't
7:54 am
convert. japan was a sentimentsal favorite for -- sentimental favorite for many. it. >> it was -- we had such a hard time and -- [ inaudible ] >> a lot of emotion there. but some passionate japanese fans were not able to cheer for their team. they are among the thousands forced out of their homes by the march disasters and living in refugee camps. an australian hospital is offering counseling to two new mothers after their babies were switched for eight hours. the mothers even breast-fed the babies. a family member of one of the
7:55 am
nurses know -- a family member of one of the new nurses noticed something was wrong and said something to the nurse. a tour bus that was heading from washington, d.c. to niagara niagara falls smashed into a western median. -- into a median. we want to check in with tear cau today. there's an accident in contra costa county? >> yes. the big rig is still blocking one of the lanes there. we'll keep you posted on that. right now, we are going to take a look at highway -- interstate highway 101 through san rafael. traffic is actually looking pretty good through this neck of the woods. to the bay bridge toll plaza, we go you are looking at gotle neck, probably for at least 15,
7:56 am
20 minutes. definitely want foo give yourself -- want to give yourself extra time. those meter everything lights have been upon since 6:00 in morning. and this is northbound as you drive to the airport this. is bun. if you look at the -- is bumper- to-bumper. if you look at the top of your screen, it's bumper-to-bumper. here's steve. well, mostly sunny. yes, mostly sunny. just some patchy fog out there. david said, hey, the sun is out in novato as we. mendocino county in line for some possible light rain, maybe sonoma county and for us,
7:57 am
justsome patchy fog on the -- just some patchy fog on the coast. all of those 60s. so temperatures are running a little warmer this morning. that's because we have clear skies versus yesterday when we had gray skies and that system is gonna keep everything held in check for a few days. so sunny to mostly sunny, infuls -- unless you are heading north where it will be partly sunny. 60s to 80s and temperatures are creeping up. now everything is kind of in a holding pattern until about wednesday. after that, i think we start to warm up. thursday, friday, and toward the weekend it looks like 90s will return. richmond police say a feud in the area may be ridged -- linked to two shootings overnight. and a driver in west oakland struck this fence and left behind this damage. we have a live report -- coming up. and why parents should not
7:58 am
be too nervous if grandma or grandpa takes kids out for a drive.
7:59 am
welcome back to "mornings on 2."
8:00 am
i'm tori campbell. >> i'm kraig debro. dave clark has the day off. it's monday, july 18th. this morning, police in richmond are investigating a deadly shooting a man and a woman were killed. a third victim critically injured. paul chambers is in richmond. he tells us what may have been behind the violence. paul? >> reporter: kraig, richmond police say they need your help finding suspects in two different shootings. they say there's a feud going on in richmond that may be linked to last night's shootings. the first one happened around 10:30 last night in the 400 block of bissol avenue. once on seen, officers found three people -- scene, officers found three people shot. officernot release their identities but say they were a man and a woman in their 30s. a female was taken to the hospital, where is sheers -- to the hospital where she's expected to survive.
8:01 am
and now a shooting, another one, happened at 9:25 in the 200 block of gertrude avenue. a man was taken to the hospital after being shot with non-life- threatening injuries. police say these may be related. >> we have some kind of feud going on between the north central and richmond. we don't know exactly what. >> reporter: police say last newt eight shootings and the feud -- the -- the shootings and the feud may be related. back to you. a man is in custody following an early-morning crash near an east bay freeway
8:02 am
jade hearse has more. >> reporter: good morning. >> you can actually see where in driver hopped up the curb. you can see it here and then skid marks all the way across the sidewalk and then you can see where the struck the fence destroying it. no damage to the building but you can see the fence is gone. ktvu captured paramedics wielding the suspect into an ambulance. i spoke to a neighbor who told me the driver slammed into the fence and as soon as police arrived, took off. it does not appear anyone else was inside the car at the time of the crash. there's no damage to the apartment building. the suspect was already gone by the time we arrived. we understand police have taken the suspect into custody.
8:03 am
it doesn't seem to apear there are any other injuries to this -- from in accident that tapped. back to you. >> thank you. 8:02. oakland police have identified a person. interest in the case of a 21- year-old woman whose burning body was found in a rockridge district. monica was discovered early thursday morning on ivanhoe road. police have not eliseed the name of the of a person of interest or any details about that person's alleged involvement in the crime. meantime, the family of her held a fund-raiser yesterday. they watched -- washed cars at the ymcsa in oakland -- ymca in oakland. they washed about 150 cars and raised about $700. almost two dozen san jose firefighters laid off it will soon be back on the john.
8:04 am
they accepted their positions back thanks to a federal grant. today they will be given a regular refresher course before being allowed back on duty. coming up at 8:15, we'll have a live report from washington, d.c. with the latest proposal from republicans ahead that august -- ahead, that august 2nd deadline. we're expected to learn more details about severe cuts at san francisco's superior court. at 10:30, the court is expected to announce it's laying off 200 people and cloes 25 courtrooms. it's all to close a $13.7 million deficit. those layoffs and closures are expected to take effect in september. other bay area counties are facing similar financial troubles thanks to the state's budget troubles. foster city will consider a
8:05 am
man on styrofoam tonight. iticks -- critics argue that any ban on those small business owners who are small. currently low-income households can qualify for a 20% discount. last year, the cost was around $38 million. the city tapped into it. those funds are running low because redevelopment agencies were developed across the state. and today the city of san jose and league city, among others, will file a lawsuit against the state of california bus the -- because of the way redevelopment agencies were eliminated in the budget. it also says two parts of the budget from unconstitutional --
8:06 am
are unconstitutional. several intersections in the bay area will soon have new caution signs. it's part of an effort by all state insurance. signs are being installed in several other cities across the country. a new study shows children may be safer riding in cars driven by their grandparents than when they are with their parents. slightly more than 1% of kids are injured when riding in cars with their parents behind the wheel. the risk jobs to 7/10ths of a minute when grandma and grandpa was driving.
8:07 am
8:06. tara's covering the traffic today for sal. what's going on now? >> well, we have some good news in the east bay. if you remember that earlier accident at hercules. it was 80 and highway 4. it was a six-car crash. hats off for the roads, we no longer have backup. right now we're gonna take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it's been gridlocked since a little bit after 6:00, the metering lights are on next. up next we have a 280, a little slow there on the way northbound as you make your way to sunnyvale. and we we have a test to run on metering lights. these are the southbound onrams pes to 680 -- onramps from 680 on. next monday any will be
8:08 am
working. right now it's sort of a warning that they will be going into effect. ers hee steve. and a very happy morning. at least we don't have the overcast like we had on sunday. patchy fog only. temperatures started off, a lot of 50s, low 60s -- 50s. but it's also matchy in san francisco. we have some rain in san francisco that will keep us from warming up too much. a little breezy at times. a lot of 60s and 70s. but we'll go with a few low 80s. that's the system there. you can see the line stretching. there's been some rain there. this whoa which is getting -- this low, look at this, you can see some of that -- probably not all of that reaching the ground. i know at fort bragg it is and minutes north.
8:09 am
now, the fog, yesterday, as you know, was a big deal. well, not so much today t just patchy sonoma cote and along parts of the city. but overall, it's -- temperature the -- it's starting to barm -- to warm up. a little bit warmer but some patchy fog, sunny to mostly sunny or fair with clouds to the north. afternoon highs, now, again, this is -- this is rare because it looks like st. helena and fairfield will be warmer. farther more, more clouds -- blan
8:10 am
the city 68 with 60s, low to mid on the san mateo coast. a little change tuesday. it does look warmer wednesday and then if everything continues to march in as advertised, we'll very lower fog depth as we head into the weekend. dennis herrera claims a painting company damaged buses when he then -- when any applied and removed tearsing ads. the city is asking mor forethan $1 -- asking for more than $100,000. a musttry. two deaths in one week inside this huge home near san diego.
8:11 am
8:12 am
8:13 am
good morning. for us we'll see 50s give way to 70s to low os. still 60s by the coast. even though it will be mostly sunny. it is 8:13. general david petraeus handed over command of american and coalition forces in afghanistan
8:14 am
today to general john allen. this is video of the handover ceremony in kabul. petraeus steps down after one year in charge of the more than 140,000 international troops in the country -- country. he's retiring to become direct ear of the cia. general allen will see the drawdown of u.s. forces that started earlier this month. and afghanistan's president, hamid karzai attended the funeral for one of his close advisers. this is new video of president karzai at -- karzai -- this morning. karzai's half brother was killed last week in southern afghanistan. the standoff in washington, d.c. over to you ho -- how to deal with the federal debt
8:15 am
limit moves to the house floor around the senate floor this week. alison burns is live in our newsroom with more. >> reporter: that's right we're getting new details this morning about the bill that house republican also move to a voight tomorrow called cut, cap, and balance. it would require both houses of congress pass a constitutional amendment to balance the federal budget as a preweb requisite to -- prerequisite to the bill. >> we're in big trouble. let's have that national debate. >> meanwhile, a cbs news poll out this morning, shows that americans are most unhappy with how republicans are dealing with the -- with the debt limit
8:16 am
talks. the poll shows that 71% of americans disapprove of how republicans are handling the talks. 5% disapprove of how -- 5disapprove -- 578% disapprove with how democrats are handling this. back to you. happening now, the crew of the space shuttle "atlantis" is gearing up for their return to earth. in the last 90 minutes, the astronauts from the international space station and shuttle held a short ceremony to say farewell and save travels. two hours from now, the "atlantis" crew will start a sleep period and at 11:30 our time tonight, the two spacecraft will indock and head to the runway in florida one final time. that will lab before dawn on thursday. frontal system police near in san francisco with investigating two deaths.
8:17 am
6-year-old max shaknyed yesterday almost a back of falling down the stairs of his father's mansion. and then his girlfriend was found dead with her hands and feet feet -- and feet bound. they've into the ruled out suicide in the girlfriend's incident. but neighbors are surprised -- are concerned. >> it's a surprise. absolutely. we think of ourselves as a sleepy, little town like pleasantville. so it's kind of a shock. a large study of older veterans has found a link between brain injuries and dementia. the scientists are presenting those finds today at the alzheimer's conference today in
8:18 am
paris. those who suffered a brain injury, ranging from concussions to skull fractures, will more than twice as likely to develop the dementia. the federal defensive marriage act prevents the pentagonnant to giving same-sex marriage -- nareried couples the same benefits as those heterosexual again -- benefits. it's crunch time in the talks to end the nfl lockout. today, representatives for the owners and the players will meet with a federal mediator in new york city. several sources say the two sides are very close to a deal that would save this fall's pro football season. >> the owners have falled -- calmed a special meeting on thursday. an agreement, if there is one, could be april nounsed then.
8:19 am
even the bees wanted to be at the game. during the game, check it out, they were all over outfielder coatdy ross. eeven had to get some 'em -- even had to get some help shooing them away t. and also goods news, the as won. so a good day for local baseball. they are the taxis used in a popular game show. and a magical weekend for harry potter. is. mere is a look at 101 in -- sheer a looks at 101 in san francisco. and we'll -- here is a look at 101 in san francisco. we'll take a look at your bay bridges next.
8:20 am
8:21 am
8:22 am
harry potter cast a magical spell on movie theaters around the country. the final movie took in $168.6 million in the opening weekend. that's 10 million more than previous record held by "batman, the dark knight" and more than the total ticket sales for the rest of the top ten movies at the box office this weekend. the 25th annual a.i.d.s. walk in san francisco has just raised a little more than $3
8:23 am
million. an estimated 25,000 people walked the course through golden gate park. it's now been 30 years since the first a.i.d.s. cases were reported in the u.s. people shared with us their personal reasons for taking part in the event. >> i have family and friends who have dealt with h.i.v./a.i.d.s. for me,is giving back to them and to talk for all of their cause -- to to -- and to walk for all of their causes. since 1986, a.i.d.s. walk san francisco has raised more than $77 million. a faxy from the canadian version of the game show "cash cab" became involved in a deadly accident and hit a man in vancouver. the accident happened a day after filming when the producer was take dab dark was taking it
8:24 am
back to the garage. tara's in for saul. we'll be -- for sal. we'll be taking a look at some of the toll plazas. >> that's right. everything seems to be moving pretty nicely. we have a two-car crash at the incline. you can see the damage is done. you can looking at an extra 15 minute -- 15 minutes wait. coming up we'll tell but an accident in the san jose area. we do have an accident involving a motorcycle we want to tell you about. let's head to steve. >> tear you are, thank you. mostly sunny for us -- tara, thank you very much. mostly sunny for us. yes. fort bragg getting some rain. some of these patchy low clouds have kind of worked their way
8:25 am
in and i think that will hold us in check. all signs point to warmer weather starting to come in on thursday. if everything continues to come it -- to come in as it -- as it is supposed to, we'll see 90s come in. a marin countywoman is back from a vacation in hawaii. >> it's so hard to focus on anything other than missing david. >> now she's facing another ordeal this week. now information about the deadly shooting in san francisco. what we've learned did -- learned about the killed. and a crime caught on tape at an exotic pet store. the storeowner says money is not the only issue here.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
protesters are expected to gather in the bayview district. they are speaking out against the shooting death of a 19-year- old man over the weekend. christienchristien kafton is live with what we're learning about the smooting and the seattle connection, getting a close look. >> reporter: we'll tell you more about that protest planned for noon in a minute. but first, let's show you this -- you can see it police have papered the neighborhood saying they are still looking for information about this weekend's officer-involved shooting. if you take a look here, you can see that this here is the memorial to 19-year-old kenneth hardy. he's the man that police and -- that police shot and killed over the weekend. overnight if, police learned that harding was wanted in walk state in connection with the --
8:29 am
in connection with the murder of gilbert. she was shoot and dilled last weekend in -- killed last weekend in south seattle. she others were ambushed. it was originally reported that gilbert was pregnant but now it's reported she was not. police say harding is on mat -- is the man seen on this ground in this -- seen on the ground in this youtube video p police tried to stop him on the platform for fair evasion. he took off. that's when two officers returned fire after harding shot at him first. i spoke with greg sur who said they found the gun saturday night. members of the community out here this morning still say they have a lot of questions about that gun and how and where it was found. >> i can't see a young man can
8:30 am
be found struck in the back and have his finger on the trigger. >> reporter: questions like that are the reason they have a planned noon rally in the plaza. some folks who are planning -- planning on attending are already here. we've also confirmed that san francisco police are lee -- liasoning with their partners to find out more about the killing. christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> thank you. relatives of a 72-year-old santa rosa woman are asking for the public's help in finding her. terry morocco lives at the verena senior complex with her husband. he says she was there when he left saturday afternoon and was gone when she came back an hour later. she took the wallet, the car
8:31 am
and left her cell phone and the dog she -- she adores. she was diving a 2007 white four-door lexus. three people were hurt in san jose overnight on jeanne avenue in the downtown area. the extent of interest injuries -- of their injuries are not known. police are expected to release more information later this morning. two tasers who are -- two teenagers who are accused of starting a fire on july -- in july of 2010. the teens are 16 and 17 but are being charged with adults -- as a -- are being charged with adults. police hope surveillance video hope they it will help them cam three women who stole exotic reptiles.
8:32 am
this happened last weekend. police security cameras caught two women stuffing reptiles in their purses while another woman distracted the store workers. the reptiles are worth more than $700 combined. >> when she -- she stole the russian taurus. she grabbed this and she stuffed it in per purse -- in her purse. picks it up. this one here she walks straight out. the stolen pets crud a bearded -- don't be surprised if you see spoke in the hills near woodside. cal fire and stanford university are conducting a
8:33 am
controlled burned at the jasper ridge biological. the burn is scheduled to start at 10:00 and should continue through early afternoon. a fire has destroyed a fire station in texas. nearby fire -- nearby fire ds responded to the stations -- fire departments responded to the tires but were not able to save it. a nearby fire didn't is lending a fire truck to that station for as long as it's needed. no word upon what started the fire. a north carolina woman whose wedding was put on hold after an accident left her paralyzed is getting married this week. she will exchange vows with chris chap on friday. that was delayed when she became a quadriplegic after
8:34 am
being pushed in the pill ack wardly. the long-time girlfriend of a marin county man who died in hawaii is now back home to face another ordeal. a large wave swept david pots away while he was vary casing with family and friends nine days ago. his girlfriend wanted to stay in hawaii until his body was recovered. but she had to return home to deal with another crisis.  she it has stage 4 breast cancer and is scheduled to have a double mastectomy. >> it's so hard to focus on anything other than missing david. he was everything to me. >> the preschool teacher says she's dealing with the intense pain of having to raise their son alone. jim parsons hired a private investigator and was surprised to hear the results of where his brother is. >> he said this is gonna be a
8:35 am
shock. he only lives 20 minutes from you. and i said what said -- tad i said what? she said, he lives in prowl -- powell. i mean, this can't be. >> i'm still in shock. i have no idea yet how i'm supposed to act as a brother. i will catch onto it before too long. >> even more surprising, they both went to the same church and even had their pictures taken sitting next to each other but never knew they were brothers. they were celebrated -- separated because their brother could not afford to take care of both of them. nelson mandela is celebrating his 93rd birthday today. ♪ happy birthday ♪ >> earlier today, special -- students sang "happy birthday q
8:36 am
people are being called on to target the -- to mark the day with 67 minutes of volunteering. why 67 minutes. >> each minute retches a year for man del you a lea -- mandella's public service. own he -- open enrollment started on the internet. the college cut 11% of the classes. "the press democrat" says 20% of the remaining classes were all already -- who are already full. where is casey anthony? even her parents don't know. coming up at 8:45, the text message they received. for the sixth day in a low -- in a row, there are flight cancellations at denver's airport related to the hail storm last week. frontier airplanes has
8:37 am
cancelled 30 flights. they are warning they could cut more flights tomorrow, about 19. united airlines also cancelled flights while it continues to -- while it continued to inspect -- while it continues to inspect those planes. the tsa will begin testing a new program this fall allowing frequent flyers to go through expedited screening. those passengers will have to underway a prescreening program. it's not clear how long this test will last or if it could be spread to other airports. the 405 reopened yesterday, 16 hours ahead of schedule. partial demolition of the mulholland bridge finished
8:38 am
earlier than expected giving cars the -- caltrans the green light to get the cars back on the road earlier than anticipated. >> the sacrifices, the burdens that we share now will have dividendses going into the future. caltrans will finish demolition on the bridge next year force egg the 405 to shut down again. it's -- forcing down the 405 again. it's all to make room for more car lanes. we want to check in with tara. another accident in the south bay or is this the same one? >> this the one i wassicking -- i was talking about in campbell. it's a motorcycle versus a car. it looks line the motorcyclist is going it be -- to be okay. it there is an accident in fremont -- it's not working for me. it's 880 southbound pat mowry avenue, it's a cruiser it vertses a big rig.
8:39 am
both vehicles are on the shoulder. all lanes are color -- all lanes are clear. give yourself some extra time this morning. here's steve. thank you, tara. mostly sunny. yesterday, with all of that gloom, the gray moved in. we still have patchy fog. the temperatures are running a little bit normal but some of the fog that was clear of the coast is try everything -- is starting to work its way in which is spreading rain. did he say rain? i did! from about fort bragg, northern men mendocino county to the oregon border. i it's starting to swing n can
8:40 am
-- it's starting to swing in. maybe northern lake county, some of those higher clouds might clip northern sonoma and napa county. the fog is now creeping closer and closer inland temperatures will start to show up here. we have to get the low out of here. until then, sunny for some, mostly fair, partly cloudy. mild. mild. some of that fog is starting to work its way back to the coast. so 60s, and 70s for many.
8:41 am
8:40. a cheap trick -- a "cheap trick" concert turns case yu -- chaos instantly.
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
taking a live look at the big board upon wall street, stocks are continuing their downward trend after more concerns over the debt ceiling debate in washington, d.c. and also banking problems with europe. right now, the dow is down 169 at 12,309. let's get you updated on some of the top stories. this morning, police in richmond are searching for a shooter in a shooting. an a new plan to -- and a new plan requiring a constitutional amendment for the debt ceiling but that plan is expected to fail. three people have been wounded in an overnight shooting in san jose. it happened shortly before midnight on jeanne avenue.
8:45 am
police tell us the victims are two adults and one teenager. the extent of their injuries still not known. so far, no arrests. 8:44. where is casey an tony that's the big question -- anthony? that's the big question everyone is asking. even her own parents say they don't know the answer. we're live in orlando. what is the latest that we know about where casey anthony is? can you hear me? >> reporter: you dropped out there for just a minute. that's the big question where is casey anthony? everyone wants to know. the last time we really saw her was this weekend when she surprised us, once again, this time by walking out the front door of the jail.
8:46 am
casey anthony left the florida jail sunday morning. she has not been seen in public since. >> it's our strong suspicion she's no longer in orlando. mr. baez said the intent was to leave orlando. i think it would be safer for all involved. >> reporter: anthony's parents doe known what -- don't know where their daughter is. but they've been told she's safe. cindy anthony received a text from jose baez. >> we're asking public that mr. baez at least reach out to me and let me know what's going on.
8:47 am
-- >> somebody else will take care of this in the end. >> reporter: casey anthony is walking free but her legal troubles are not over yet. she's being sued for defamation and also by a texas company looking to recuperate expenses for the search for caylee. anthony's release has evoked so much anger and emotion, that members of her legal team just don't want to release her whereabouts right now. that is leading to a lot of speculation, will she change the way she looks? take on a new identity? or will she cash in on the publy tis and tell her side of the story. it's difficult to predict with casey anthony. back to you. we're now getting word that some republican presidential candidates are set to debate each other this week, taking their kes -- taking their
8:48 am
questions from twitter. an organization says it's hosting the event on wednesday. the website says the candidates will answer questions tweeted to if at -- tweeted to@140townhall. rudy giuliani has some advice for his fellow republican, giuliani who opposes same-sex marriage says the republican party should get over the new york gay marriage vote and get the heck out of people's bedrooms. giuliani says he believes his party instead should focus on the economy and global leadership. giuliani tried a run for president in 2008 and is frequently mentioned as a possible candidate in 2012.
8:49 am
state lawmakers approved a multidisciplinary program. it has the support of almost 2,000 organizations. a similar bill recently introduced would provide funding for all states to come up with environment education activities. new this morning -- it's back to school for prompt and some of the nation'stop secretary of state? the president is scheduled to meet with top executives today and urge them to invest in new education programs. the meeting is considered somewhat unusual because of the president's frosty relationship. many executives are still smarting from the chamber of commerce last year. 32 high school students from around the u.s. were invited to study the japanese language and culture. it's in memory of two american teachers killed in the march
8:50 am
earthquake and tsunami. they were members of the japan exchange and teaching program also known as j.e.t. students are already brushing up on their japanese. breck speaking in japanese ] 8:49. there were some terrifying moments for fans attending a "cheap trick" concert in ottawa, canada last night. a severe thunderstorm produced gale-force winds, causing the stage to collapse. you can see it there. "cheap trick" posted a message on their facebook page saying the band is fine and they are hoping for a feedy recovery for those fans that were hurt. jennifer lopez and marc
8:51 am
anthony is moving ahead with their business plans despite their divorce. there's word today they are going ahead with the reality show in latin america and a his and hers line of clothing at kohl's. the divorce is not expected to impact either ka tree. they were mared in 2004 and have 3-year-old twins. firefighters are trying to figure out who opened up more than a dozen two fire hydrants in a two-hour period. they were open between 11:00 p.m. on friday and 1:15 a.m. on saturday. water -- water gushed into the street. if hydrants were damaged, they could be unavailable during an emergency and flooding can cause accidents and property damage. a man in western australia caught quite a sight on tape while at the beach. >> he didn't even bite!
8:52 am
>> one. two dogs swimming near a group of sharks went underwater and bit a shark. but the video has ignited a bit of debate. critics say it was inhuman and irresponsibility to let those dogs swim near the sharks. >> wow. tragedy at a popular southern california destination. how a local man lost hit wife. and an -- how a local man lost his wife. and hi parents, it's going to be such a big school year.
8:53 am
8:54 am
your kids will each take care of our class hamsters, lewis & clark. then i'll tell them the story of pluto, the sad little planet that was. i'll introduce them to some new friends, the fractions, and some cold blooded ones, the dinosaurs. [sfx: dinosaur growl] clark! anyway, here's what they'll need: markers, scissors, crayons, pencils, folders, juice boxes, pretzel sticks, glue sticks, tape that sticks, and glitter. so much glitter. school takes a lot. target has it all.
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a volatile valley in -- volcano in central indonesia continues to erupt. it spewed ash almost 2,000 feet in the air twice within 30 minutes today. the volcano has been dormant for years, but rumbled back to life last week. some 5,000 people near the mountain are being relocated to safer air yachts. we're now -- safer areas. we're learning the identity of a man who died in a boating accident in southern california. the l.a. county sheriff's department says 36-year-old edgard to. died 2:00 on saturday after his wave runner crashed into a 20- foot ski boat on pyramid lake. this morning pick keters will pick -- picketers will
8:56 am
pickett outside u.s. airways in the so dahled saggy pants case. u.s. airways staff stayed if the football player had refused to pull up his pants as he boarded a plane. the ncaa noted recently a cross- dresser was allowed to fry round-trip without any objections. about 250 returning students to san jose state found out there's know -- there's not enough dorm space to accommodate them. the university is plaque -- the university is looking for a hotel for those returning students. they will have until the 25th to commit even though details are still being worked out. now another celebrity is getting an invitation to a marine corps ball.
8:57 am
>> i would like to take betty white. she's just funny. she's sweet. she's mature. she's the all-around perfect woman. that's sergeant ray lewis inviting betty white to be his date for the marine corps ball. the actress has not responded yet. as for justin timberlake, he says going fot ball is a way to honor -- going to the ball is a way of honoring his country. we got one more look at traffic with tara. >> that's right. we do have a couple of accident in the south bay. crashes down there. first up, an earlier accident in fremont on 880 southbound. it has been cleared. but traffic is still pretty bad. then we also have a motorcycle crash near los gatos. the motorcyclist is okay. last but not least 101 northbound at the expressway. an earlier accident still
8:58 am
causing backup. he's steve. thank you, tara. well, mostly sunny inland. rain to the north. men so de -- mendocino county, maybe lake county. it loose look like -- does look like gradual clearing and warming, especially toward the end of the week. >> okay. that will do it for us. >> okay. >> take care. see you tomorrow.
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